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We're a small manufacturer located in a small town on Northern California's north coast.

If you want to test the quality of a piece of furniture, or anything else for that matter, put it in a preschool with a 150 three to five year olds jumping, kicking and chewing on it for 10 years or more. Kids will be kids and typical mass marketed children's furniture won't withstand ten hours of that, let alone ten years or better.

Please allow me to address the main design issues about building children's furniture:

1) Structural integrity - Most kids furniture companies think they can just scale down adult furniture. They design for kids that weigh 20 to 50 pounds and think they can scale back dramatically on the support frames and the foam.

The fact is that pound for pound kids furniture needs to be STRONGER than adult furniture. Adults walk up to and sit down on a chair. Kids will get a running jump at it from across the room. Adults will stretch out on a sofa and watch TV. Kids will pile 5 friends on top each other. When stretched out they tend to push on or kick outward on the arms. They stand on and jump on the arms. You need a strong frame. You also need thick foam with a good density on the arms so that the fabric or vinyl takes less impact against the wood. Otherwise it will tear or split in no time. You need good density in the seating cushion so it doesn't squish down and flatten out with use.

2) Fabric or Vinyl - Most kid's furniture is covered with thin cotton print fabric because it's cute. You can use patterns with butterflies, bugs, trucks or just about anything. The problem is that cotton prints don't even last when used to make T-shirts, they sure won't last when used as upholstery fabric. Have you ever seen an adult sofa upholstered with a thin cotton print? Another mistake is to cover children's chairs and sofas with light vinyl. You think this will wipe clean and last a long time. The problem is light vinyl takes a beating when the kids sit on, jump on, and kick the arms. Especially when a very thin layer of low grade foam is the only thing between the light vinyl and the wood frame. Because of all the impact soon there's a crack in the light vinyl and as you know little cracks in vinyl soon turn into big holes.

We use only commercial quality upholstery fabrics and heavy vinyl. We use 29 ounce vinyl. This is twice as thick as 14 ounce vinyl I've seen used on copies of our furniture. Our faux leathers are 29 ounce vinyl stamped with a leather grain.

3) Size - Kids grow. Fast. Other furniture fits your child for only a few months. Most of the time they have the furniture, it is either too small or too large for them.

Age appropriate, ergonomic seating is accomplished when your child can sit in a chair with their back against the chair back, their feet flat on the floor and their knees are level with their hips. If the chair is too big, they have to either scoot to far forward to use the back or sit back and their feet will dangle. Neither is comfortable. Our interchangeable legs allow you to adjust the seat heights so your children's furniture is actually comfortable for years to come.

4) Slave labor - Mass marketed kid's furniture available in big box stores can have issues. Most of this furniture is only designed to do one thing. Sell. It's made in far away lands by people making pennies an hour with the least amount of the cheapest, and we're finding out often toxic, materials possible. I've taken some of this furniture apart and there wasn't one ounce more wood or foam in them then there absolutely has to be just to keep it together long enough to make it to the shelf in the store. It's cute, but if you actually use it, very soon the foam flattens out, the fabric wears through and the arms wiggle, or fall off.

5) Foam only furniture - These kids chairs and sofas are just a piece of foam with a cover on it. Even when new the arms and back are floppy. With no frame to support anything, they are neither comfortable nor durable. With a little use you have a blob of foam with a floppy cover on it.

We're a small company that makes high quality children's furniture. One piece at a time, from quality materials, right here in the U.S.A. We take pride in our quality, designs, materials and selection. We have fun doing what we do and will be happy to build you furniture that your children will love, will actually look good in your decor, or will exceed your expectations for your school, library or home.

We appreciate your business!
Discount Kids Chairs
Sebastopol, CA
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